Protect Your Business

The odds of you and your business surviving a fire are 50% higher when you have a working alarm system. Fifty percent! With odds like that it is no wonder that properly installed and maintained fires systems are required by law.

As you know your business isn’t just a building.  It is everything inside that building including your computers, inventory, customer records and most important of all your employees. Fire is unique among most disasters in that fire is a threat to everything of value in and about your business.

In 2011 there were more than 1.3 million fires in the United States that caused over $11.7 billion in damages.  Sadly these fires also caused over 3,000 fatalities and more than 17,500 injuries.

Just in San Jose, CA there were more than 3,100 fires last year.  That is more than eight a day in the City of San Jose alone.  Imagine the tally if we counted all of the cities in the Fireside Security Service area.

The difference between losing and saving a business is determined in the first five minutes.  If a functioning and effective fire alarm can alert you and the fire department when a fire starts the chances of your business surviving is increased dramatically.

In addition proper fire alarm installation is a matter of law.

California has the most strict fire alarm regulations in the country. Section 13114 of the Health and Safety Code requires that all fire alarm equipment sold, installed, distributed or offered for sale in California shall be listed and approved by the California State Fire Marshal.

The State Contractors License Board maintains licensing provisions for fire alarm contractors. California Administrative Code Title 24 State Building Standards and Title 19 State Fire Marshal Regulations contain fire alarm requirements above and beyond any National Standard.

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