Why Use Fireside

Fireside Security provides on-time, cost-effective, convenient, local service that serves the needs of both building owners and general contractors. Fireside quickly gets the permits you need to keep your job going without delay.

For Building Owners

As a building owner you have a lot of things to worry about.  The last thing you need is multiple vendors for your fire, burglary and access control monitoring.  Nor do you want three separate bills coming in every month.  When you work with Fireside Security you get a partner that will be with you through the installation or takeover process insuring that everything is done right from the start.  We will stay with you through inspections and 24/7 monitoring keeping paperwork and administration to a minimum.

For General Contractors

Nothing stops a job in its tracks quicker then a lack of permits and a new building without the proper fire system.  While there are numerous options for residential fire system installation there are very few when it comes to larger commercial buildings.  With size comes complexity and that eliminates most installers from the mix. Especially when you need a job done fast and by the book. Fireside Security’s experience in getting the proper permits and installing systems according to the code will keep your job moving.

We Are Your Neighbor

One of the reasons that Fireside can respond so quickly to new installations and be there for business owners day in and day out is that we are your neighbor.  We are not some giant corporation running unknown contractors from some place in the mid-west.  We are right here in the bay area where we can meet and bond with our customers as well as personally oversee every person that walks onto you site or into your offices. There is a difference when you know the people that do your work.  Particular when the work is as important as fire, burglary and acces control systems.

Let us come by and make your acquaintance as well as give you a free estimate of what it will take for you to get the proper systems installed or properly monitored by a company that makes their home in the same place that you do.

Give us a call at 650.341.4600 or use the form to the right to contact us today.  We look forward to meeting you.